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How to Pre-Order Free Games on Steam

December 3, 2015

For game enthusiasts, waiting for a specific game release just doesn’t feel good until the day finally comes. If a game is too popular, expect a pre-order option to whatever gaming store you are using. With steam, there are also game titles that can be pre-ordered on your account, although the price doesn’t differ at […]

PlayStation Game Titles Coming Soon

November 12, 2015

Finishing a particular game can be frustrating at some time while waiting for a new game release could be just the same. PlayStation updates their users of the coming games on their official website, while the gamers can pre order their own copy as the release dates come. Game prices differs and ranges from $30 […]

New Instagram Features that You’ll Surely Love

November 7, 2015

Instagram has now added a lot of features on their app that is both available on Apple’s iOS devices as well as Google’s Android phones and tablets. More filters to choose from, Instagram direct, the new search or explore tab and the ability to upload videos. Because of these new features, users may actually just […]

Getting Unlimited Resources on Clash of Kings

October 30, 2015
According to the App Annie Store Stats, Clash of Kings is now becoming increasingly popular (PRNewsFoto/Elex-tech)

Clash of kings is a strategic type of game that a lot of people are engaged right now. Your aim as the king of an empire is to lead your people to attacking other kingdoms to make you the most powerful of all. For the very first that you will play the game, you will […]

Do You Need a Denied AD&D Claim Lawyer?

October 29, 2015
Life insurance concept with leaflets and magnifying glass in monochrome

People often buy AD&D coverage along with life insurance. However, this insurance can also be bought separately. When you buy it separately, it becomes active in case policyholder dies as a result of an accident or loses a limb or sight due to an accident. Usually, an AD&D policy is cheaper compared to life insurance […]

Choose Jamboree Education for GMAT Training in Bangalore

October 19, 2015

Preparing for your future starts with the right amount of education. It is not always necessary that you graduate from well-known universities or paid the highest amount of tuition fees, what really matters is the quality of education that the school provides as well as your dedication to learn. Most people, from all over the […]