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Free Wizard101 Crowns Method

May 18, 2015


Wizard101 is a fantastic massively multiplayer online game whereby each player takes on the role of a witchcraft student for the greater purpose of saving the Spiral. Battles are fought by casting spells on the opponent creatures of all sorts. Crowns enable you to unlock new areas so that you can explore beautifully created lands and wage war on the unique creatures found there.

You can choose to either subscribe to the game’s membership or make n-game purchase of crowns; both of which constitute expenditures in terms of buying with real money that you can do away with by use of means that will provide you with free Wizard101 crowns. There are a number of ways you can use to get these crowns absolutely free. These ways include:

  • Using the online “invite a friend program”
  • Participating in the FreeKI games trivia
  • Using undetectable Wizard101 crown generators
  • Using specific tricks during gameplay
  • Subscribing to free membership

The most legit methods are as outlined hereby:

Using the Online “Invite a Friend Program”

When you invite a friend or family member to join, you get couronnes wizard101 gratuit. The underlying condition attached to this maneuver is that for each new person you encourage to create a Wizard101 account, he or she must make a $6 or more purchase after creating an account. As for you, the one who made an invitation, you will have freely acquired about 1250 crowns. The player you invited won’t be left behind for he or she will receive these bonus crown for free as well.

Participating in the FreeKI Games Trivia

This trivia consists of a number of fun quizzes. You will be required to answer these correctly and obtain a score of 75% or higher to be eligible for free crowns, 10 of them. You won’t be required to pay money for anything here. You will not only keep your brain active by stretching your brain, but also earn free Wizard101 crowns in the process.

In conclusion, we suggest that you try out the ways outlined hereby; they are bound to work just right for you as they have done for us.

How to Dress Well

May 18, 2015

total-loss-htdwAll the indie kids will be making out to these slow jams for years to come. How to Dress Well is the musical project of the angel-voiced Tom Krell, and his second album, Total Loss, is as sad as it is sexy. Reminiscent of ‘90s R&B, Krell infuses his soulful voice with minimalistic electronics, simplistic beats, and an occasional brush across chimes. What results is an exquisitely cohesive record that flows perfectly from beginning to end.

The opening piano chords on “When I Was in Trouble” set the scene for Total Loss’s bleak party. As sampled waves crash upon some dark shore, you can feel the little black raincloud forming over your head. Fingersnaps back the heartfelt, layered vocals on “& It Was You,” as Krell assures his loved one that “you don’t have to call me / my love will be there for you.” The climax of the album arrives with the booming vocal loop that kicks off “Set It Right,” which glides along confidently until all of the samples blip suddenly out of existence, and all that’s left are the naked piano and Krell listing all of those people in his life whom he misses. Suddenly, all the sounds burst back into the speakers, and straight into the heart. It’s obvious that a lot of personal feelings went into this work; it’s tragic and beautiful, and both heartbreaking and right for lovemaking. So light the scented candles, lay out the rose petals, and then cry yourself to sleep tonight, because you’re probably going to end up alone.